Saya (ingin jadi) Penulis

i’m suppose to be a WRITER…not a LAWYER….!!!
will Daddy realize it?
will he still proud of me if he find out her daughter is dying of being a writer much much more than being a lawyer????
does he even care of what i want????

Tuhan….do help me…give me your hand…
let me see your lights…
let me find the way…


2 thoughts on “Saya (ingin jadi) Penulis

  1. don’t worry hunny, i don’t want to be a lawyer, i want to be a is what most law students dreaming of being when they graduated from school,and that’s just too much,when you asked your friends what they want to be when they’re graduated, i bet most of the answer will be “lawyer”..i don’t know, aren’t there any other jobs for us law students out there?hahaha..

  2. just listen to your heart, when it’s calling for you…Sebagai seseorg yang (pernah) terjebak dalam lembah kelam krn tdk mendengarkan kata hatinya, gue sarankan, lakukan apa yg lo mau, listen to your heart, kalo pun pun toh nanti ditengah jalan lo akan jatuh, itu gak ada menyakitkan, krn elo melakukan sesuatu yg elo cintai. Saran gue sih, selesein aja kuliahnya, biar bagaimana pun, lo udah memilih. Nahh setelah itu, barulah jadi penulis… 🙂 Gut lak with your choice 🙂

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