Happy Birthday, Pak RW

Udah janji sama diri sendiri tidak akan ‘mellow’ di 27 Mei tahun ini. Tapi apa daya…pagi-pagi setelah sms si laki-laki kesayangan dan post foto beliau di Instagram, datanglah si Ryan di WA ngasih link lagu Chopsticks Brothers – Father. Tak bisa dihindari, meweklah saya yang emang dasarnya melankolis iniii…. *Ryan, yang kamu lakukan ke saya…jahat…*.

Anyway… Selamat bertambah usia, laki-laki kesayangan… Setahun lagi sebelum pensiun hehehe… Semoga senantiasa diberkati dengan kesehatan jiwa raga dan kebahagiaan di dunia akhirat. A thousand ‘I love you’s won’t be enough to show how I feel about you, but well…I’ll say it anyway, I love you Dad. I love you so so much

Dan meskipun bikin mewek…I guess lagu Father nya Chopsticks Brothers ini sedikit banyak mewakili perasaan saya saat ini… ^_^

I’m always been asking and demanding, but I’ve never said thank you

Only after I grew up did I understand it wasn’t easy for you

Every time I left, you pretended to be at ease, gently smiling and told me to go on, only to turn away with tears in your eyes

Oh how I wish it was as it were in the past, to hold your warm hand, but you are no longer by my side.

May the wind brings you peace and health

Time, time, please go slow, so you won’t keep getting older

I’m willing to give everything I have so that you can live longer

Dad, who has always pushed me to be better, what can I do for you?

Please accept my care for you, however incomparable it is [to what you gave me]

Thank you for everything you do, for supporting our family with all your might, always doing whatever you can, always giving me the best

Am I your pride? Are you still worriying about me?

The child you’ve always been concerned about, has grown up

Thank you for being with me along the way

13307263_10154112869029693_5543744942082937133_nthank you for being with me along the way…


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